Storage and Display

I keep most of my collection loose. To store the loose cars, I have acquired some antique cabinets.

In this corner, the dental tool cabinet and another cabinet of drawers.

In this corner an old typesetter's cabinet and a bunch of wall mounted cases from Carney Plastics.

The dental tool cabinet features a number of different storage areas. I use it to store mostly redlines.
On the wall above, I have the BP's that I have found in foreign countries. The shelf below holds miscellaneous toys with turbines,
and on the top of the cabinet is my collection of blow mold dinosaurs from the mid sixties.

The top section contains cars that came in the little clear display boxes, such at Toy Fair Cars
and other cars that don't fit well in the drawers.

The 14 small white faced tray drawers, behind the glass covers, each hold 20 cars.

Each of the drawers in the lower section contain trays that hold 20+ cars each.
Each drawer has either two or three layers.

This cabinet is full of loose blackwalls except for the bottom drawer which contains paperwork and paraphernalia.
Each drawer contains trays to hold the cars. In the middle is a slide out shelf that is handy for setting the trays one when removed from a drawer.
On top is a collection of RLC tin box sets and other storage boxes of RLC cars.

The eight drawers in the top half contain blackwalls from 1978 through 1994. I try to keep it to 2 examples of each casting.
I built the trays which each hold 40 cars, 80 cars per drawer.

The lower section drawers are filled with trays that hold 40 cars per tray, four trays per drawer.
The deeper drawer, second from the bottom has 6 trays that are deeper for tall castings such as trucks and construction vehicles.
the bottom drawer contains papers and paraphernalia.

This as an old typesetters cabinet. I partitioned the drawers to hold 90 cars per drawer.

It is mostly empty since I downsized my blackwalls back in 2002, but I am slowly filling it with turbine car variations.

This is the custom display I built for my Superfine Turbine Collection. I use it at the conventions for safe and secure display.

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