Whitby Museum

Anthropomorphic Period

Whitby, North Yorkshire England

The Whitby museum is located in Whitby, a pleasant short walk up hill from the town center.
A modest entry fee is charged but it is worth the time and fee. We visited the site in the spring of 2016.

Whitby Museum

The museum is an old school amalgam of history, natural history and art all associated with the north Yorkshire coast.

Announcement from 1856

The museum has been around for a few years.

Main Room of the Museum

Upon entering the main room, the view is quite impressive.
Dozens of well lit informative displays of actual fossils in beautiful cases. Nothing is "dumbed down", just old school museum quality.

Introductory Information

One of the sequence of cases for the Jurassic Period

Fossil ID Made Easy!

The cases are full of nothing but local fossils with identifying tags.
All of the usual supects are here to be found!


Some Ammonites

More Ammonites

A Nautiloid



Geological Information

Actual Skeletons mounted onto the wall

No casts here, the actual fossils found on the nearby coast are mounted into the wall.

Cute model of an Ammonite

Jet Industry

This case highlights the jet carving industry that persists today.

A spectacular Jet Chess Board

One of two chessboards from the 1800's in the museum.

A room full of Whitby Maritime History

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