Waco Mammoth National Monument


This museum houses an "in situ" display of Columbian mammoth fossils along with other critters that died along side them.
It was developed and operated by the city of Waco and only recently achieved National Monument status.

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Parking Lot Location

Using your GPS, put in 6220 Steinbeck Bend Drive and you will be taken to the parking lot.
Allow at least two hours to enjoy this amazing site.

The bones were found by some local guys in 1978.

Fortunately, the site was conserved by local philanthropy leading to the National Monument status in 2015.

New Museum

The new museum protects the active dig site. Guided tours are conducted hourly.

The Interior of the Museum

The bone bed is still under excavation. The catwalks provide excellent viewing of the specimens.

Mammoth Skelton

Remains of at least five mammoths are found inside the museum along with other skeletons.

[Waco Mammoth NM Website ]

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