Skinningrove, North Yorkshire UK



Famous for the iron ore mines Skinningrove is north of Whitby about 15 miles. The small town has a free car park and access to the beach.
To the right, south/east heads towards the steps at Hummersea. To the left heads towards Saltburn.
Fossils can be found in both directions

Car park

The car park is easy to find. It is on the north/west side of the river so to head towards Hummersea, you back track across the bridge.

Path to the beach, South/East

The path to the beach is flat and suitable for kids.

View to the West

Heading west, you will pass along the cliffs to come out at Saltburn.

View to the East

You quickly come across the Jurassic Cliffs and lots of cobble on the beach.

Beach Cobbles

Most of the fossils are in the cobbles.

A Belemnite


Shelly Bits

Some of the beach cobbles look like a conglomerate of shells. These sometimes contain ammonites.

Rainbow Beach!

Loose Fossils from Skinningrove

Some bits and bobs from the foreshore at Skinningrove

Ammonites from the "Shelly Bits"

Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum

We were very impressed with this little museum. If you are in Skinningrove, make time to go. It was very well done.

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