Orton Hall

Anthropomorphic Period

Ohio State University, Columbus Ohio

Orton Hall

Orton Hall, located on the Oval at the Ohio State University, houses a small museum as well as the university's
earth science library, class rooms etc. Entrance is free and parking is about two blocks away in the large public garage ($5).
The building is purpose built from Ohio sourced stone, with the oldest stone at the base and increasingly younger stone going up.

Orton Hall Building Description

Entry Way of Orton Hall

Museum Room

The museum is rather small, encompassed in one room. The displays are quaint, describing the major themes
of geology of deep time, continental drift, geology of the state of Ohio and fossils from the rocks of Ohio.


Artwork Depicting Scenes of Life During the Early Paleozoic Geological Periods

The museum features these small panels for only the first four periods in the Paleozoic, although, later rocks are common in Ohio.
Click on each one for a larger image

Continental Drift Display

Although the museum houses much of the universities fossil collection, only a small number of fossils are on display.

Trilobite Model

Enrolled Flexicalymenes

These Ordovician trilobites are found in southwestern Ohio.

Isotelus maximus, The State Fossil of Ohio

These Ordovician trilobites are also found in southwestern Ohio but complete specimens are very rare.

Isotelus maximus, Showing Regrowth from Predation

Eldregeops sp.

This trilobite is from the Devonian Silica Shale in northern Ohio. Several species are known.

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