Hungry Hollow - Arkona, Ontario

Arkona Shale and Hungry Hollow Formations - Middle Devonian

The Hungry Hollow locality is a pair of disused aggregate quarries located near Arkona, Ontario in Canada.

Since I went there a few years ago, the south pit area has now been posted with "No Trespassing Signs".
To gain legal access, one must be on an "organized trip" associated with one of the clubs affiliated with the
Central Canadian Federation of Mineralogical Societies.

Hungry Hollow Location

This site is about 2 miles east of Arkona. Follow Route 12 to Sylvan Road and turn north.
The south quarry is on the left, just before the road crosses the river. The two quarries are on opposite sides of the river.
I parked at the west end of the south pit. No tools are needed but you might bring your wellies.

South Quarry (looking west)

There are three distinctly different formations with different fauna exposed in the south quarry.
The bottom of the quarry is the Arkona Shale, the grey muddy layer that extends upward as much as 20' all around.
At the top on the left is massively fossiliferous Hungry Hollow (HH) formation which slumps over the ledges onto the Arkona.
In between are several hard limestone layers. There is a thin black shale in between the limestone layers that is characteristic of anoxic conditions.
All of the formations are fossiliferous with differing fauna.

Typical Surface of the Hungry Hollow Formation

The Hungry Hollow formation is inexhaustibly fossiliferous, especially with horn coral. Many other phyla are present including bryozoans,
trilobites, gastropods, brachiopods, crinoids, etc. Blastoid are to be found but eluded me this time.
Slumping of the Hungry Hollow over top of the Arkona conveniently spreads the fossils out for easy inspection and picking.

Limestone Layers

The hard rock limestone layers are also fossiliferous.

Typical Surface of the Arkona Shale

There Arkona Shale is very soft and muddy. The fauna is much more sparse and smaller in size.

Close Up of the Arkona Shale (X3)

I found brachiopods, ammonites, crinoids, horn coral and other things. Trilobites are present. A loupe and patience are in order.

Crinoid Calyx

This nicely preserved calyx was found in the slumped HH.

Button Coral

I found several of these small corals in the Arkona, mostly on the west wall.

Sampling of the Fauna of the Hungry Hollow and Arkona formations

This is my take from about 7 hours in the south quarry.

Examples of the Larger Horn Corals

Trust me, there are plenty left for the next person!


These are from only the Arkona. Both coiled and straight ammonites are present, albeit very small ones.

Crinoid Parts

Crinoid parts are ubiquitous throughout the quarry. The calyx is believed to be Proctothylacocrinus.

Microcyclus, thedfordensis (top and bottom views)

I found a number of these in the Arkona. They are a type of coral. Had me stumped.

Fragment of a Fish Plate

From the Hungry Hollow formation.

Trilobite Fragments

I found traces of Eldrigeops (Phacops) trilobites in the hungry Hollow

Hunting in the mud at Hungry Hollow sure makes you hollow and hungry!

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