Hornsea, East Riding

Boulder Clay and Erratics

Varied Ages


Hornsea is on the Holderness Coast about an hour from York.
Access is simple, there is a large car park at the end of South Promenade.
Walk onto the beach and take a right turn.

Hornsea Beach Sea Defenses

The fossils are found in the clay banks further down the beach, past the sea defenses.

Clay Banks

The beach is flat and suitable for kids. On every tide cycle, the surface of the clays is refreshed.
Simply walk along and study the surface for exposed fossils.

Fossils in situ

Fossils are randomly interspersed in the clays.

Ammonite Fragment

This fragment of a large ammonite was interesting. A complete one would be nice!

Bits and Bobs

We did not find anything too noteworthy but many others have reported nice finds.

The Team

Andi loves a beach!

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