Dunraven Bay, South Wales

Lias Formation
Middle Jurassic

The site is a local public beach and is easy to find.
Search for the Glamorgan Coast Heritage Center and it will take you to the park.
There is a large car park at the beach which charges an entrance fee.

View to the east

View to the west

The cobble piles up along the cliff in some areas. Searching among the cobbles did not seem too productive.

Traces of ammonite could be seen but sparsely.

The ubiquitous oyster, Grypheae, was easy to find in the cobble but they were mostly sea worn.

Smidgeons of other fossil material could be found among the cobbles.

I searched for the source of the Grypheae in hopes of finding other fossils.
They appeared to come from the softer layers such as this one.

The eroded material from the softer layer littered the platform above the average high tide.
The Grypheae were in much better condition here.

Other soft layers had traces of crinoid stem and some other bivalves.

The slope adjacent to the road that descends to the car park is also fossiliferous.

I found some bits of crinoid and brachiopod.

My favorite find from this locality was this group of entangled Grypheae.

These are some other bits and bobs from this locality

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