Danes Dyke, East Riding, UK

This is another site we found through the UK Fossils Network website.
It is pointless to duplicate the monumental effort that has gone into this guide to the UK.
I applaud them and thank them for the guidance they provided.

For access information, please refer to the above website. The site is a local park and is well marked.

A gorgeous day on the beach at Danes Dyke, near Bridlington on the Flamborough Head.
The rocks here are Cretaceous age chalks, formed by gazillions of dead diatoms.
The fossils of choice here are sponges and echinoids such as starfish and urchins.
Looking to the south (west), towards Bridlington, the rocks get a bit older.

Looking to the north (east) towards Flamborough Head, the rocks get younger.

As everywhere else in Yorkshire, the best opportunities are in the rubble on the beach.
The cliffs are inviting but are not as productive as the rubble and boulders which have already fallen.
I spent a few minutes talking to these two boys about what to look for.
It was obvious that us "colonials" are not common on the beach at Danes Dyke!

An outline of a little starfish.

A bit of sponge, I suppose. A larger hammer may be in order!

A belemnite, embedded in the cliff strata.

Karin with her head down on the quest.

We were once again overdressed for the weather. Our first seven days in the UK were like this.

This sponge is our best find from the chalk of Danes Dyke, found by my lovely wife, Karin

Another, less distinctly preserved sponge.

Not sure what these come from.

Nice amber colored belemnite parts.

The belemnite, glued together.

My thanks AGAIN to the The UK Fossils Network for their hot tips!

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