Browning Fossil Park - Frankstown MS



This site is located just north of Frankstown, MS at the intersection of US-45 and County Road 7450.

W.M. Browning Fossil Park

This site is a creek bed where fossils were discovered. I can't find any information on who Mr Browning is.

View of the Site

It is a very easy site to get to and is pretty kid friendly for kids older than toddlers.


The fossils erode out of the banks an collect in the creek bed.


The large spheroid concretions are purported to be fossiliferous but we did not attempt to bash them.


I heard that loose fossils can accumulate around the concretions.

Sniffing out Fossils!

Fossils were not abundant but if you keep sniffing around, you will find something.

Swimming Hole

The creek is pretty shallow and is quite refreshing especially if you are a water dog.

The Shark Tooth

We did not bring any equipment as were passing through, but I did find a small tooth in a gravel bar.

Typical fossils from this site

Otherwise, we found only some oysters and small fragmentary stuff.
To do it right, this site deserves a shovel and a floating sieve.

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