Benbrook Tx VFW

Goodland Limestone


Benbrook Texas is located southwest of Fort Worth. The site is in the parking lot of the local VFW.
It is located off of US 377, about 3 miles south of I-20. The address is 1000 Stephens Drive. A big sign for Dutch Branch Park marks the turn.

The VFW is on the right about 1/2 mile from the turnoff at the intersection with Lakeview Road which seems to be popular with the local bicyclists.

The exposure cannot be missed, it extends all along the parking lot.

The gentle topography of this location and absence of traffic makes it ideal for kids.

The bank exposes the Goodland Limestone which is very white and fractures easily.

Fossils to be found include Echinoids (urchins), Gastropods (snails), Bivalves (shells) and fragmentary Ammonites.

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