Acadoparadoxides Couche
Cambrian Period

Our second locality of Day 1 was a Cambrian site outside of the village of Tougach.

This site yields yellow colored trilobites ranging in size from 1 cm to 25 cm of several different species.
The smaller ones could be found intact but the complete examples of larger ones are rare.

There were several guys already there working the dig when we arrived.
They had not found anything particularly good yet.

There were excavations everywhere so one simply split rock and hoped for a find.

Eric G finds his first ever trilobite, Hamatolenus vicenti.

Later we were joined by some local Berber schoolboys who offered up some of their finds.
They were very polite and spoke a few words of English and some French.
We shared our water with them and bought a couple of specimens to support the local economy.

I came away with some examples of four different species.

1. Acadoparadoxides briareus
2. Cambropallus telesto
3. Hamatolenus vicenti
4. Ellipsocephalus sp.

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