Orthoconic Nautiloid Limestone
Silurian Period

Silurian Orthoconic Nautiloid Quarry, Sedrar

Second locality of Day 2 was not a trilobite location but the quarry where the orthoconic nautiloid marble originates.
The vastness of the landscape never fails to impress. The locality is on the bank of the river bed
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This photo is from the Tuscon show. It illustrates how this stone is used to make just about anything you can imagine from bookends to dishware to toilets.
Even the bathroom sinks at the Kasbah de Meteorite are carved from this marble.

The grey layer at the top of the wash is the orthoconic nautiloid marble.

The layer is about 10 feet thick and is widespread. Massive blocks of it litter the bank of a seasonal river.

The quarry operations carve the layer into huge blocks which are then trucked to Ehrfoud where the factories are located.

The density is amazing.

Another slab.

Being the namesake of my domain, I had to have a selfie with the nautiloids.

Small naturally weathered pieces were there for the taking.

This section is 6 cm in diameter. Imagine how big this guy was in life.

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