Ihmadi Trilobite Centre
Anthropomorphic Period

Mohand Ihmadi has one of the more popular shops in Alnif.

The shop is located on the route to Arfoud.

He has a good selection of fossils of all kinds but lots of trilobites.
Not all of the trilobites in his shop are prepared by him or his staff.

One particularly redeeming feature of Mohand's shop, is that he has everything priced.
You can still negotiate, especially on a bulk purchase but at least you have a clue.

I entered two other shops in Alnif and in both I felt a bit like being in the Souk in Marrakech.
It was difficult to "shop" without interaction with the shop keeper. None of the items were priced in those shops.

My Purchases

Coltraneia oufatenensis

Crotocephalina sp.

Drotops megalomanicus

Harpes sp. Unprepped

Harpes sp.

Paralejurus sp.

Scabriscutellum furciferum

Drotops armatus

Prepared by Mohand Ihmadi

Walliserops sp.

This one I bought from the shop across the street from Mohand.

Phacops sp.

This one was a gift from a German fellow we met at the Kasbah de Meteorite

Contact Information for Mohand Ihmadi

Mohand Ihmadi's Website

E-Mail Mohand: Alnifearth@gmail.com

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