Dicranurus Couche
Devonian Period

The locality for Day 3 is the famous Atchana Dicranurus Couche.

This layer has been trenched for miles providing countless trilobites to the world.

When we arrived there were a number of locals digging in the trench. This is Youssef speaking with Mohand.

The actual layer is the foot thick slab at the bottom of the trench.
Youssef digs out the slabs using wedges, pry bars and sledges.
Once freeing a section of the slab, he whacks it in search of a marketable trilobite.
He told Mohand that the last 10 meters had been almost non-productive.
The effort to retrieve these trilobites is often unappreciated until you see it in person.

Karin inspects some of the cast offs while Mohand interviews Youssef.

This type of cast off can be regularly found as they do not have commercial quality. We took it as a practice piece.

This is how the complete ones appear. Only a thin line is visible.

The overburden layers at Atchana are loaded with loose nautiloids.

Youssef invited us for tea. It is a standard custom in Berber culture.

Mohand helped me look over some of the better finds that the diggers had to offer. I bought one pice from Youssef.

The experience at Atchana really drove home how much effort is required to bring a nice Moroccan trilobite to market.
The hospitality and friendliness of the Moroccan people was overwhelming.

Some Atchana material for later preparation.

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