Fossil Displays

We have a wall of our home dedicated to displaying our finds.

Each box is dedicated to a locality.

We mount the fossils in a curio box, available from framing shops. The fossils are attached using hot glue. I usually include a photo.
This one is the Calvert Formation from Maryland.

These are from the Tropic Shale in Utah.

The Salesville shale near Mineral Wells, TX.

Fossils of the Cincinnati Arch.

Some of the fish fossils from the Green River Formation in Wyoming.

An Jurassic ammonite from England

We have our stairs in the entryway paved with Jurassic limestone from Eichstatt, Germany.

These are the same rocks where the Archaeopteryx was first found.
Although we did not get one, we did get a nice ammonite and some other fossils.

The surplus goes into the cactus garden!